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Greetings to New Visitors from PantheaCon 2012

February 23, 2012

So, this past Saturday morning (February 18), I co-presented a talk on Gaulish Polytheism with my most excellent colleague, Indus Brenni filius of Deo Mercurio. It seemed to be very well received – an audience of about 40 people at 9 AM is far more than I had been expecting!

I will be creating a new Resources page in the next few days to share the sources and inspirations we used in putting the presentation together (we did show them, but we talked up until the last minute so they were on display only very briefly). The majority of material we covered was done conversationally with only the outline and reminders in the PowerPoint, so I really don’t think sharing that file would be very useful. (Except as perhaps a writing prompt for blog posts. . . ).

The level of interest that was shown by the community was very heartening. I’m not sure what will be happening next, but it appears there is a demand greater than we anticipated.

On another note, since I’ve addressed gender issues in the past here: there was a controversial ritual scheduled as part of the con this year, and a silent meditative protest in response. I was not there. I may or may not comment here; my opinion on the situation seems truly irrelevant. I choose to acknowledge it happened, though, rather than leave silence on the matter open to speculation.

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