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Moving On

May 20, 2011

I’ve been quiet, and I’ve been cautious, and it’s pointless. I’ve always been of the “stick your finger in the light socket” school of mysticism; I’m not good at being timid, and I doubt it’s interesting watching me try, so forget it.

Went to do some trance work with Lugos last night, for the first time, after it being suggested *cough* that I really should. I suddenly get why people talk about there being multiple layers of subtle bodies; the way He wanted me to do it was very different than anything I’ve done before. In the past I’ve had. . . an intellectual projection of myself going out and about, and it was me, but at something of a remove, abstracted. He had me trying to inhabit and manipulate a level much closer and more connected to my physical self.

I wasn’t very good at it. I was supposed to do it anyway. My continuing to wonder why was not apparently very reverent of me. *sigh*

Once past the initial “Hello, yes, We want you to work with Us!” fuzzy warm NRE vibes, working is clearly the defining term in the relationship right now. I get the impression the beings I’m connecting with have not really been in touch with average on-the-street sorts of people for quite some time. I’m not one for the “my spirituality is for my own self-empowerment and healing, I will summon powers and order them about as I see fit” school of thought, but I’m getting the message that my general attitude and behavior is, well, shockingly and dismayingly modern for these gods. I am not responding as They expect me to respond, and it’s kind of disorienting for both parties.

On formulaic daily morning/evening prayers:

Them (Lugos as Spokesgod): “We made clear We wanted them, a week or more ago! Why aren’t you doing it?”
Me *startled*: “Well, I’ve never really done anything that seems to fit, and I was doing some research to write something to try out. . .”
Them: “?!?. . . just start somewhere and improve as you go! It doesn’t have to be perfect to begin with!”

I’m not sure They really get how much context has been lost.

Things to learn on both sides. . . I just have to focus on mine.

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  1. May 21, 2011 6:20 PM

    My apologies for not responding on the query about daily offerings, etc. My own approach has always been, pretty much, what the deities in question here have said: just do something, and adjust/refine as time goes on. Often, I’ve been lucky in that my instincts have suggested things like, e.g. milk and honey, as an offering from the first Foundation Day, but it turns out that’s a traditional Graeco-Roman hero-cultus offering (as I found out many years later)–lucky guess!

    In any case, I look forward to hearing more about this from you soon, and in person! ;)

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