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May 9, 2011

I’ve been much more quiet here than usual over the last month. To be blunt, I’ve found myself in a situation where I am much more willing to accept and work with information derived almost entirely from UPG than I am to openly state that I am doing so.

I’m uncomfortable with that realization. As with my initial post on the subject, Reconnecting with an Acquaintance from my travels in France, I’ve repeatedly tried to write about the further happenings and hit a wall, hard.

As I’m focused on wrestling with this, I’m not progressing any further in developing my new spiritual relationships.

So, short simple words: I’m feeling called to work with the Gaulish god Lugos. In particular, a manifestation of Him that is specific to the area around modern Lyon and the Rhône/Saône valley that falls between Provence and Burgundy. I feel that He wishes to be honored in a consort pair with Souconna, the goddess of the river Saône.

Souconna is attested in a few places, but there is no connection known with Lugos. Lugos is not much better attested; much of what we “know” is based upon His suggested syncretism with Mercury. Lugos/Mercury is very often paired with Rosmerta as a consort. Souconna and Rosmerta aren’t known to share any characteristics that would suggest a possible historical syncretism.

It’s quite plausible – and rather Celtic – that a wide-traveling god of trade and communication would be paired with a locally specific river goddess. There is no evidence as-of-yet discovered to show these particular ones are historically associated together, and one of them *is* associated elsewhere through syncretism. . . (though deities could be shown with different consorts).

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but a Lugos-Souconna pairing is simply not supported by any historical or archaeological materials yet known.

That being said, They seem to be an absolutely well-matched and happy couple. They are both wonderful, and I have no wish to refuse Their offer of relationship with me.

I’m just having some problems at the moment being okay with venturing out past the point where I can still see the shoreline on the horizon, as it were.

(There’s another Gaulish goddess in the mix, but that’s a different story, and not as troubling.)

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  1. May 11, 2011 7:19 PM

    Sounds very reasonable to me! I’m glad this has moved forward!

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