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Contemplating Issues of Gender/Sexual Identity: Introduction

February 27, 2011

Perhaps it’s my inner Celt, but on some deep level I have “three topics make a series” in my hindbrain. Two may sit simmering for a while, waiting for the third to appear as a catalyst to trigger writing. The controversy surrounding the participant exclusion choices at the CAYA Lilith ritual at Pantheacon this year is deserving of its own consideration, and bringing to the surface some other thoughts I have been mulling over on matters of gender/sexual identity.

To be upfront and lay out where I’m coming from: I’m biologically female, identify with a subset of the standard Western societal templates of feminine identity, am by inclination strongly heterosexual, and I’m in a monogamous marriage. In other words, I’m pretty darn mainstream, and aside from lingering patriarchal issues which still manifest here in America, I have no claim to marginalization in terms of my own gender/sexual identity.

In the view of some, that may render me unable to meaningfully participate in discussion of gender/sexual identity issues. Fair enough; this is me clearly waving my privileged heretonormative label around before starting to “talk” so people can choose to read or not. Due diligence has been performed.

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