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Working with the Landvaettir

June 16, 2010

I went out and made an offering on Monday night – “a gift for a gift”, since we’ve been harvesting tons of strawberries over the last week. (I’ve been remiss of late; I don’t remember agreeing to a firm schedule, but there’s been a sense of “Where are our offerings?” expressed the past few times I’ve gone into the back garden.)

Rye with caraway seeds was received quite enthusiastically; no need for the Tabasco this time.

I get the sense that it pleases them if I eat some of the same bread after making my offering – that way it’s not just that I offered people food, but that I am actively sharing part of a present meal with them. (I haven’t eaten outside just after making an offering yet, but maybe I should try).

We made an appointment with a “garden mentor” (a local certified horticulturalist who specializes in coaching) for early next month, since it becomes clearer every day that the yard is in greater disorder than we thought, and that we’re in way over our heads. She sent a multi-page initial survey to us to submit to her before her first visit, and she seems to be asking the right kinds of questions, which is encouraging.

In the meantime, whenever our schedules and the weather allow we’re out there working on one little bit at a time. This is going to be a multi-year restructuring project. Iterative change is the key, as I so often say at my office. A little bit here now, and we’ll come back and improve on it later, working on a general survey and initial improvement run rather than getting too sucked into the details of any one given project.

That’s the idea, anyhow.

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