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Housetaking Redux

May 13, 2010

After I did the impromptu landtaking I described in this post, I felt the urge to do a “housetaking” portion as well. I’d done a house blessing ceremony with my CR group for Imbolc, but I hadn’t specifically addressed the Heathen perspective that had come up in my life since that time (and largely as a result of that ceremony).

I walked around the house at dusk with the special candle from that ceremony lit, entering all of the rooms in turn, talking about how I didn’t know much about husvaettir but was willing to learn, asking specifically for help in discovering what to offer and how often.

(I started building a connection with the spirit of the house itself before moving in and feel it strongly, but I was aware that there are other vaettir that sometimes inhabit homes that I haven’t yet been able to sense but might be there.)

After doing the circuit I settled in the living room facing the hearth that is central to the house, and called out to Frigg for assistance in both my job (I have a management position that largely consists of routine systems maintenance and improving operational logistics) and in running a well-maintained home, and to Freyja for assistance in developing skills in responsibly tending our finances and other forms of prosperity, and for support in promoting good relationships within the home, with my husband in particular.

I can’t say I’ve gotten any further insight as to spirits other than “House”, or what House might like beyond the ongoing periodic offerings of framing and hanging art, but I feel it was a good thing to have done. It seemed to bring the different aspects of the property onto the same page as far as my developing relationships with them in parallel. Plus, House just seems to like being addressed directly and having its input requested. It has not been particularly respected or well cared for since it was built in 1942; there have been a lot of poorly conceived and executed amateur “improvements” perpetrated upon it, which we are trying to revise into a healthy stable state as we’re able. I think the garden’s gotten a lot more appreciation and attention from past owners, which is a great pity. It’s a lovely garden, but it’s also a gem of a house.

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  1. January 15, 2011 2:28 AM

    You know, something I spoke about with Erynn the last time I saw her (on secular New Year’s Eve/Day), is that I think a ceremony of “land-taking” or tírghabáil would be good to do as a group for the CR Schmooze folks, since part of the idea with the group (at least as I’ve seen it) is to get in touch with the land spirits here where we’re all living now. And, if I’m not mistaken, nearly everyone is not native to this land–I was born here, certainly, for what value of “native” that implies in many people’s minds. Part of this could not only be the process described by the Amairgen poems in Lebor Gabála Érenn, but also the local dindshenchas project that has sometimes been floated (and then shot down by Patrick every time!). No, we’re not “conquering” the land the way that Amairgen and the Milesians were; but we all do live here now, whether we rent or own our residential properties, and we’re working with this land primarily in our spiritual work…so, some “formal introductions” of us as a group would be really useful, I think.

    I don’t know…what do you reckon? Of course, having done it for your house and your own garden is really wonderful, and important, and would be a good thing for various folks in the group to do with their own individual domiciles/etc.; but, there’s more at stake in our larger context than that, I think.

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