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April 13, 2010

A new path, a new name, a new blog. . . .

I have only very recently become aware that I am called towards Heathenry. It’s come as something as a surprise to me, but the truth of it is undeniable.

(That probably seems an like an unusual way to express this sort of spiritual self-discovery, but it’s the most accurate phrasing I’ve found so far.)

I have been frustrated that I have found it nearly impossible to articulate even to myself the profound shifts in perspective and moments of enlightenment I’ve been experiencing. Of course, only when I suddenly feel the need to use writing as a tool to help me work through the immense changes that have been happening do my previously taken-for-granted skills in language desert me.

It just figures.

One key issue – which I discovered in hindsight – was the question of who it was doing the writing. My previous spiritual writing nom-de-web just didn’t mesh with the new territory I’m exploring. If appropriate word choice is a hallmark of powerful writing, the selection of names must surely be the most important decision of all. This one, disirdottir, is the first right wording I’ve found in these efforts.

I suspected I’d need a new name eventually, but wasn’t in a hurry. I knew I couldn’t just pick one or make one up, because I’ve always been the kind of person where the right name found me, not the other way around. Reading the acknowledgment section of Jesse Byock’s translation of The Prose Edda, there it was.

It is so simple it is unarguable: “daughter of the ancestresses”. Yet it has a very profound meaning beyond – or is it within? – the obvious.

I am touched and grateful and happy to be found – by the ancestresses, by the path, by the name.

This seems an auspicious beginning.

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